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Tandy Wilson, Chef and Owner of City House and Mop / Broom (Nashville)

James Beard Foundation Award winner, Best Chef: Southeast, 2016


When asking Tandy about what should be included in his bio, I get a chuckle, an exasperated look and a short list:

  • Working in Central California with Nate Appleman At Tra Vigne. They are still close friends.
  • Working for Margot McCormack at Margot Cafe, who he credits for inspiring him to open his own restaurant.
  • City House opening: December 8, 2007
  • James Beard Award Best Chef: Southeast, 2016
  • Mop / Broom opening: September 10, 2018

He hates doing this stuff- the side effects of being the Chef / Owner of successful restaurants and an all-around nice guy. Honestly, he’s probably only answering at all because I’m the one asking. And he likes me ok. Plus, he thinks the bio should be about all of us, because as Tandy reminds me, “This is bigger than one person. It’s bigger than me.” It’s funny. He never says “my” James Beard Award or when “I” opened City House or Mop / Broom. It’s always “our” James Beard Award or when “we” opened City House or Mop / Broom.

“We should do it like an online dating profile,” he says across the kitchen to his City House Sous Chefs, Dylan and HotDog. We all laugh. Dylan starts, ”Tandy enjoys long walks on the beach…” “…pizza for dinner, coffee every morning and is a huge Nashville Predators fan.” Tandy finishes. “Definitely include the Preds part,” HotDog says to me. Honestly, that pretty much sums him up: Laughter, cooking, sports, and talking about himself as little as possible.