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Specialty Cocktails

COCKTAILS | a philosophy for drinks

We designed the Cocktail Menu at Andrew Michael Italian Kitchen as a healthy mix of classic drinks and new ideas to stimulate the palate before your meal. We find that cocktails shared over a charcuterie plate or slate of fine cheeses help to gather around the table, shed the anxieties of the day, and begin a meal.

We base our cocktails on spirits, hoping to compliment and enhance the flavor of the spirit rather than mask it. If there is something that you don’t see but would like to have, if we can, our bartenders will be happy to mix it for you. 


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A Gathering of Southern Gentleman and Italian Aristocrats 


Shandy Bomb | 15

pisco, tiny bomb, lemon bitters, lemon juice, soda


Champagne Cocktail | 11

stön vodka, capertif, grapefruit juice, grapefruit bitters


House Punch | 15

brandy, gosling black seal rum, papa pillar blonde rum, cherry liqueur, byrrh, orgeat, lemon,

angostura bitters


Aviation | 13

tanqueray bloomsburg, house crème de violet, aged brandy, luxardo

maraschino, lemon, house lemon bitters


Rosie Martinez | 10

tanqueray, cherry, vanilla, saleris apertif


White Boulevardier | 12

moonshine, cocchi americano, nardini grappa, house lemon bitters

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New Ideas In Cocktails From Behind the Bar


The Gnar Gnar | 12

cynar, nardini bassano amaro, orange bitters


In Oaxaca Valley | 12

vida mezcal, cappelletti, branca menta, peach, thyme, lemon bitters, sparkling


Strawzerac | 12

strawberry infused dickel rye, copper & kings aged brandy, lemon bitters, peychauds bitters


The Dunks | 13

buffalo trace, dolin blanc, cocchi americano, minted vinegar, angostura bitters


Ink Blotto | 13

pisco, borducan orange liqueur, lime, squid ink, salt


Make It Milky | 12

ston vodka, coconut milk, yellow chartreuse, lemon bitters, egg whites

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Strawberry Fields | strawberry, basil, lime